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The 5 good reasons to become a member of the CNA:

  • 1

    Participate in the agro-ecology dynamic: help agriculture and food systems to evolve

  • 2

    Get involved in research projects: to finance activities at your organisation or on your farm, and to promote your know-how.

  • 3

    Privileged access to experts and tools: discounted training courses

  • 4

    Interact with other agro-ecology players at local or national level: events, forums, farm visits, etc.

  • 5

    Promote your strengths:

    – Promote your production system and farming practices: edge-of-field tarpaulins available at reduced price (to counter agri-bashing).

    – Enhance your company’s image or employer brand

Participate in our action research projects









From expertise to action research: let’s meet the challenges together


Farmers: you are the first researchers!

Do you want to test new practices on small areas? Do you want to share your knowledge and learn from others? Leave us your contact details, and we will contact you to organize a visit to your farm, a detailed portrait, or feedback on your practices!

étudiants et enseignants

Students and teachers, advisors: participate in monitoring and support farmers

As part of your internships, create a farm portrait or a description of the practice. As part of team projects, develop a technical file with agronomists and farmers. Teachers: use our network to put your students in touch with the field.

chercheurs techniciens

Researchers and technicians: giving a new dimension to your research projects

Test and equip agroecological innovation by including field practitioners. Enrich your projects with on-farm experiments, practice participatory research, develop open science.

portraits de ferme

Farm Portraits

retours d'experience


Observatoire de l’agroécologie

Agroecology Observatory

Living Labs

Living Labs

Mesures & indicateurs

Measurements & indicators

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Are you involved in the agricultural world and would like to set up a project?
We’re interested!

Are you interested in our skills as an agroecology observatory, on-farm experimentation and knowledge sharing? Contact us!

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Why support us?

To consolidate agroecology by 2030

Construire des systèmes alimentaires durables

Building sustainable food systems

Restaurer et préserver l’environnement

Restore and preserve the environment

Engager l’humain

Engage the humain

How to support us?

By collaborating on our projects to engage, explain, understand.

Soutien financier

Direct support for concrete, local projects

En nature

Donation or provision of goods or services

Soutien financier

Provision of qualified employee

The best is to talk about it in person,

Leave us your contact details and we will call you back!