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Research projects

The Centre National d’Agroécologie is a partner in research projects from regional to European scale. A guiding principle: study and promote practices for preserving and improving soil and biodiversity. The challenges: creating dynamics from local to international to share experiences and knowledge, and to benefit as many people as possible.

Are you a farmer with innovative practices? Actor in other projects on agro-ecology and would you be interested in working with us?

Les activités du CNA
Carte d'Europe

In Europe


NBSOIL : “the Natured-Based Solutions for soil management”

A European project focused on nature-based solutions for managing soil. NBSoil aims to create and test learning pathways for agricultural advisors working on the ground.

(European project 2022-2025)


URBANE – “Agroecological transformation of peri-urban farming”

A global health approach to support the agroecological transformation of peri-urban farms. The Urbane approach will be demonstrated in the case of 6 case studies in several African countries, while its transferability will be studied and facilitated using specific tools.

(European projet 2022-2025)


URBANE – “Agroecological transformation of peri-urban farming”

To develop a comprehensive portfolio of agroecological weeding practices, assess their adaptability under changing climatic conditions, facilitate their implementation, measure their performance, and enhance knowledge sharing among stakeholders to promote practical decision-making and impact assessment in agriculture.

(European projet 2022-2025)


In France

Normandy Living Lab

The Centre National d’Agroécologie is a member of the Normandy Living Lab, as a member of Pôle TES. Normandy Living Lab is a member of réseau ENoLL.

Massification de l’agroécologie Normande

The Centre National d’Agroécologie is a partner in the Massification de l’agroécologie Normande agroecology project.

This project aims to facilitate the transition of farmers to new agroecological practices. Using digital tools, the aim is to shorten the time it takes to implement new practices, remove obstacles to setting up realistic experiments, reduce risk, and optimize the expected results.

Financed by the region Normandy / European Union (FEADER), 2023-2024

Projets en montage

Projects in progress

Coming soon: several projects are being put together and submitted. Come back and check out our page soon!

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