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rely on the principles of the living

Agro-Eco-Logie : s’appuyer sur les principes du vivant

Agroecology is a concept of production systems that copy the functioning of natural ecosystems.

from the Centre National d’Agroécologie

Manifeste du Centre National d’Agroécologie
  • Put the living back into action

  • Engage the humain

  • Measure real benefits

White Paper
from the Centre National d’Agroécologie

Regain the principles that guide the Centre National d’Agroécologie in its White Paper, a unifying document summarizing its fundamentals, its vision, its projects for the future.

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Our vision

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Our values ​​to share:

  • Research and develop with, for and among farmers

  • Share and spread knowledge and data

  • Respect the fundamentals of the living and agronomy

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On the road to action research!

Farmers, you are the first researchers. Advisors, teachers, students, researchers, support them and study innovation.

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