Who are we?

The structure

The Centre National d’Agroécologie is an association created in 2021, supported by recognized players in agroecology. They pool their skills and expertise:

  • Dissemination and exchange of knowledge
  • Training and technical support
  • Evaluation and measurement tools to design and manage agroecological systems

The founding members are: Ver de Terre Production, Neayi – Triple Performance, Arbre & Paysage 32, L’institut de l’Agriculture Durable, Les Vignerons Indépendants, quickly joined by Senseen.

Ver de Terre Production
Triple Performance
Arbre et Paysage 32
Institut de l'Agriculture Durable
Vigneron Indépendant

The team

The board

Vincent Levavasseur - Ver de Terre Production

Vincent Levavasseur

Farmer, Ver de Terre Production

President, coordination of association activities

Alain Canet - Arbres & Paysages 32

Alain Canet

Arbres & Paysages 32

Vice-President, in charge of events

Philippe Cousin, Senseen

Philippe Cousin


Vice-President, in charge of developing European projects

Konrad Schreiber, La Vache Heureuse

Konrad Schreiber

La Vache Heureuse

Vice-President, in charge of the Conseil d’Orientation

Bertrand Gorge, Neayi Triple Performance

Bertrand Gorge

Neayi Triple Performance


Henri de Richecour, Neayi Triple Performance

Henri de Richecour

Neayi Triple Performance


The employee team

Laurence Fontaine

Laurence Fontaine

Agronomist, is a specialist in organic agriculture and in the design of innovative cultivation systems, after 20 years at ITAB where she was technical director. She coordinates the action of the CNA in partnership with research institutes in France and Europe.

Béatrice André

Élodie Blanc

A specialist in marketing and communication, facilitator of collective intelligence workshops in the field of ecological transition, she is responsible for communications, events and sponsorship of the CNA.

Martin Rollet

Martin Rollet

One of the most dynamic agronomists in France. With a stint at Ver de Terre production then at Agroleague, he is a specialist in conservation agriculture and weed management. He leads the experiments as part of our projects.

Astrid Robette

Astrid Robette

An agronomist by training, she turned to digital marketing, which led her to hold the position of editorial manager and community manager at Neayi – Triple Performance. She brings her skills and expertise to our projects to amplify their value and impacts.

Our values ​​to share

Rechercher et développer avec, pour et chez les agriculteurs

Research and develop with, for and among farmers

Partager et diffuser les connaissances et les données

Share and disseminate knowledge and data

Respecter les fondamentaux de l’agronomie et du vivant

Respect the fundamentals of agronomy and the living